Peer-to-peer payment system and crypto-currency using blockchain technology with a secure wallet and multi-signature transactions




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E-commerce is the more reputed way to do transactions nowadays and all the online transaction use multicurrency. At present, e-commerce and online trade is the most popular way to buy or sell anything and this domain has become a very broad and wide area. These e-commerce and online trading applications are using a different level of security mechanism and those mechanisms provide some certain level of security. These security mechanisms basically depend on third-party authentications using symmetric or asymmetric key cryptography approaches. Most of the online trading applications use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) mechanism to implement the secure connection between server and client. Anyway, all the existing security mechanisms have to use a third party to ensure their secure information and connectivity. When using any third party or middle hand to authenticate any transaction still there can be a lot of vulnerabilities since security control and sensitive data been shared with an external party. As a solution to this situation block-chain concept was introduced and using this concept, third-party dependencies of an application can be eliminated. Since blockchain concept working as a common ledger for all the users’ access to the peer-to-peer network no need to validate information against external third party and also no one can update without knowing others in the network. Most of the existing online trading application and payment systems have been integrated with the actual bank and all these bank transactions are always use bank profiles to do any transaction. But using cryptocurrency like bitcoin no need to have a bank profile and it is very fast compared to others. Currently, all the other fiat-currencies has a tendency to inflate and it can be very time dependent but it’s very important to find out noninflationary currency that will be helpful for the stability of the economy. This solution mainly based on the bitcoin which is well-organized crypto-currency and peer-to-peer payment method and it has more value-added features than existing wallet services and peer-to-peer payment applications. This application basically focuses on the high-security wallet mechanism, wallet restore functionality in any crash or vulnerability situation and also user-friendly application to the user with seamless transaction delay time. And also this application is open source user creation and any user can create a wallet with basic validations and can use for any bitcoin transfer functionalities. Using this application user can always check his balances and transaction history at any time and also this APIs can be integrated with any front-end client since back-end service have been implemented as micro-services endpoints. As an end product, this will be an open source high secure bitcoin wallet application with integration capability with any third party services like a bank, card applications.


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