Never Too Late For Bitcoins: A Simple Guide to Cryptocurrencies




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Readers will learn about:

  • The history of Bitcoin
  • How to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • How to trade in Bitcoin and altcoins
  • The political impact of cryptocurrencies in emerging markets
  • Programmable money and smart contracts
  • How to identify Bitcoin scams
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Hot and cold wallets

Learn the basics of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchains. It can be difficult to work out what bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is all about. ‘Never Too Late For Bitcoins’ covers a broad set of topics such as the history of money, bitcoin and Ethereum, proof of work, blockchain, how to trade and buy bitcoin and altcoins. The book offers the reader an understanding of the underlying technology of what is known as the blockchain.

In 2008, an anonymous entity known only as Satoshi Nakamoto outlined a new software money system, called Bitcoin. Only a handful of people took notice.
Incredibly, only a few years later this system has become so successful, that to some it is THE new money alternative.

We are still in the early days of this ground-breaking technology known as blockchain. How does the blockchain work?
What’s all the fuss about? What makes bitcoin so valuable? Can it replace traditional money? Why is it so volatile?
Well for starters, you can do a lot more with cryptocurrencies than hoping to become a millionaire overnight.
B. Ebene offers an explanation why moving money away from governmental monopolies has captured the imagination of individuals and central banks alike? Using crypto money as building blocks and directing it toward specific transactions only when certain conditions are met, gives this new technology an edge over ‘normal’ money. Now ‘aid money’ can be programmed to go directly to those who need it most, instead of being soaked up by administrative overheads of big charities.

Learn about smart contracts and the wild west that is Defi (decentralised finance), the catch-all phrase for borrowing, lending and earning interest on cryptocurrencies. Borrowing money without filling in application forms and without credit checks. In the murky world of cryptocurrencies, promises of interest rates ranging from 10% up to the dizzying heights of 8000% are not uncommon. Too good to be true? Of course, it is. This book teaches you how to make informed decisions.

The new money-making opportunities are limitless. A basic yet comprehensive understanding of crypto and blockchains puts you in the driving seat.


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