Cryptocurrency Trading: Best Entry and Exit for Beginners




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Stay far from regrets! Do not buy any Cryptocurrency unless you have patiently studied this book from the first page to the finish. First develop the smartest investment strategies.

What should you know before buying any cryptocurrency?

Your intuition can’t lead you right in this matter. Developing simple technological skills and finding the right tools is the only reliable key to understanding the strength and weakness of Cryptocurrency market and to profiting from it left and right. This book is prepared to provide just the help.

Designed for your success in crypto investment no matter what sentiment is in the market, BEST ENTRY FOR BEGINNERS cuts through tension often created by FUD, praises and criticisms of crypto, to offer a balanced, comprehensive, and accessible analysis of the digital assets trading and to put you on profit. It considers:

A brief history of Cryptocurrency

Best entry and exit of the market

Trading Technical Analysis

Identifying key levels, support and resistance

Trend lines

Strong and weak digital assets

How to profit under different market conditions and what the best practices are for choosing the right cryptocurrency

Platforms for profitable Pooling

Yield Farms

Crypto currencies risk

BEST ENTRY FOR BEGINNERS, is a trusted guide to making money from investing and trading the top 100 crypto currencies. The real-people examples it shares will expose you to new financial opportunities, will guide you to choose the right platforms to make the best investments, navigate the new digital finance landscape and to choose the right cryptocurrency for different market situations. All these real-world examples will show you how to maximize your cryptocurrency wallet.


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