Cryptocurrency and The New Black Wall Street: A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing




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Money. Everyone needs it, so we all work to get it. We spend it, trade it, earn it, and save it. Unfortunately, our banking system is flawed. People know that banks offer minimal interest in return for letting banks borrow their money, yet banks use customer deposits to make significant profits. Banks also charge you fees to access your money, so you end up losing money just to watch your money collect dust in a weak interest-earning account. When banks make risky bets using your money and they win big, they don’t share the profits in a significant way. When a bank bets with your money and loses, the government reimburses the bank through the FDIC program. Despite the flaws in this system, many people still use bank savings accounts, but many others do not. Some choose to hold money outside of the banking system and some are blocked from participation. Whether your money sits in a bank or in a bag under your bed, it’s collecting dust instead of real interest.

Why do banks hold our money? Why do banks dictate who gets a loan? Why do we let big corporations control our financial opportunities? Part of the reason why stems from the original sins of this country – slavery, segregation, separate but equal, and social class divisions. We are told that those are relics of the past, but even today minorities receive higher interest rates on loans in every facet of life. The traditional financial institutions pick and choose which minorities get access to loans and fair financing. How can we trust them to be impartial gatekeepers for the next generation of financial investments? The stock markets are monopolized by financial institutions using fiberoptic internet to trade faster than any one person can participate. The decisions that determine who gets real access to profitable opportunities are too often made behind boardroom doors. Some would rather spend money on lottery tickets, instead of investing in companies and mutual funds. They are hoping that lady luck will deliver some instant maximum return on investment. Unfortunately, the odds are not in your favor when you gamble on lottery tickets and casino games. Some win, but many more will lose.

Cryptocurrency offers a way to divorce ourselves from the current financial system and the way it constricts our growth, a way to emancipate from the constructs that have held us down for centuries. The banks gamble with our money, keep 99.9% of the profit when they win and get reimbursed by the government when they lose. Do we really expect them to let us into the game? When whole cultures and generations of people have been blocked from the opportunity to invest meaningfully and earn a decent return on investment, are we surprised that our economics revolve around borrowing money from others? What if we could grow our own finances without permission from the mysterious people who oversee the financial system from the shadows? We already know that low interest rate loans are not available for everyone. It is a privilege to be able to borrow large amounts of money from strangers, a privilege that is not available to everyone. Imagine if you could cultivate your own ability to multiply your savings without relying on the big banks? Crypto investing offers that opportunity to anyone willing to try something new.

If you are looking for a straightforward basic guide on how to jump in the cryptocurrency market, this is it. Investing your earnings in assets that on average will increase in value over time is easy. For decades, people have been buying gold and silver to give their money a chance to grow in value instead of shrinking with inflation. The supercomputer in your pocket right now has a lightning-fast connection to the rest of the world. Your smartphone is your key to joining the Decentralized finance revolution. What does the hood look like when everyone has an opportunity to grow and to thrive? It looks like a new Black Wall Street.


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