Crypto Made Clear: My Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency & Trading




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Have you heard people talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Have you wanted to understand this new financial world and why it was created, but found it overwhelming and confusing? Then this book is for you!

Whether you want to get involved with cryptocurrency or just want to understand the subject a little better, Crypto Made Clear provides an introduction into the world of cryptocurrency in an easy-to-read style.

In 2019, the author decided to venture into crypto despite having a dislike for numbers and finances in general. Upon researching and reading more about this world, the author struggled to understand what exactly crypto was as this world is full of jargon and assumed knowledge. Through the use of personal experience, the ins and outs of this new financial world are explored and explained without the complicated jargon commonly associated with this sector. 

Recent years have seen the adoption of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, into mainstream society and Crypto Made Clear aims to not only guide you through a crypto journey, but also examine the many other cryptocurrencies currently seeking the same social acceptance.

This book includes a vast glossary for quick referencing as well as detailed explanations of where and how to purchase cryptocurrency. Compared to other literature on this subject, Crypto Made Clear is written in the first person from the experiences of the author who entered the crypto space with no background knowledge in finance or currency trading.

The goal of this book is to introduce cryptocurrency to people who would normally shy away or feel they were not able to comprehend this new world. Ironically, the purpose of Bitcoin’s creation was to form a space within our society that is unable to be controlled and exploited by the wealthy and instead allow anyone and everyone a chance to enhance their financial prospects. Crypto Made Clear has been written to remove the overwhelm, the confusion and daunting aspects of cryptocurrency so that a complete novice can enter into this world and have some basic knowledge by the end of the book.


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